【F/S UNUSED】Popy BANDAI Kamen Masked Rider New Sky Rider Soft Vinyl Figure 1283

In this article we introduced a Japanese hero figure called Kamen Rider V3.
What we call valuable items very much, as we explained in the last time, such valuable items have also arrived.

However, the type of Kamen Rider is different.
It is a relatively new generation of mask riders in the Kamen Rider known as the Sky Rider in the Showa era.
It is a Kamen Rider broadcasted nearly 40 years ago even if it says new.
It is a miracle to say that the product of the Kamen Rider is unopened and sold.

By the way, do you know?
As this name suggests, this Sky Rider as Kamen Rider can fly in the sky.
Spread a long muffler like a Superman’s cloak and fly freely around the sky.
The current mask rider, the Kamen Rider called Heisei rider, also has many Kamen Riders flying in the sky, it was epoch-making as then.

In other words, please consider it a valuable item different from other mask riders.
And please get it.
Kamen Rider who flew for the first time in the sky!

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