【EXC+++】 Canon New FD REFLEX Lens 500mm f/8 W/ Lens Caps from Japan 1044

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A high performance super telephoto lens that adopts a reflective optical system, has a focal length of 500 mm, and is lightweight, compact and enables hand-held photography.
For refractor lenses in general, it is easier to generate secondary lenses as the focal length becomes longer. Almost completely correction of secondary chromatic aberration is possible, and since the optical path is folded back, the total lens length can be remarkably shortened It has two major features.
By taking advantage of the merit of this reflecting optical system, by arranging an appropriate optical system based on Canon’s unique new optical design technology, it is possible to correct aberrations favorably by focusing, which is likely to occur in reflex lenses, High-quality image reproduction was realized in the whole imaging range from infinity to infinity. Further, in order to prevent the contrast from being lowered due to internal reflex, which is a problem with reflex, detailed consideration such as multilayer coating on the entire lens surface and electrostatic flocking treatment inside the lens barrel are taken into consideration.
Furthermore, by adopting an optical path insertion type filter, it is also equipped with features that allow you to freely exchange filters with the lens attached to the camera.



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