【NEAR MINT】Minolta XD Camera Black Body W/ MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 from Japan 1058

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As it is well known, the X series is the only model that can use shutter speed priority.
Although it is quite natural, it is very handy to use three shooting modes, (S) shutter speed priority, (A) aperture priority, and (M) manual.
It is easy to snap without considering anything (S), when conscious of aperture is (A), when AUTO seems to be difficult situation (M).

In manual mode, it is also GOOD that you can check the exposure value, the set shutter speed, and the aperture value with the viewfinder.
In Minolta, there are surprisingly few models that can confirm three pieces of information with a viewfinder.

Of the X series, the only model that can use shutter speed priority.
In the shutter speed priority mode, if the exposure is over / under, the shutter speed automatically changes and it can be used in program mode.
You can check the exposure value, set shutter speed, aperture value in the viewfinder.
X series The final, which is the height of texture due to metal body.
Distinctive shutter sound by long-running metal focal plane shutter.
Smooth winding feeling after XE.
We think that it is the most well-balanced model among the X series.

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