【UNUSED RARE】Kenko KF-1N 35mm Film Camera Black Nikon F Mount from Japan 1065

Kenko KF-1N https://www.ebay.com/itm/153004556503 #productsjapan #nowonsale #kenko #slr #camera #filmcamera

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It is a mechanical single lens reflex camera sold by accessory maker Kenko, and it is a camera that uses Nikon lenses as you can see from the fact that N is attached. The difference between KF – 1N and KF – 2N is the difference in shutter speed. 1 type is up to 1/2000, type 2 is up to 1/4000, the specification is the same after all.

This product is 1 type so it is up to 1/2000. There is a lens attachment / detachment button, a synchro terminal and multiple exposure button at the front in the silver body, the image is different because the cover of the penta prism is somewhat wide, but I had a familiar with the hoisting lever and the rewinding crank. It is YASHIKA FX – 3.

Cameras at this time, parts of each company are shared.
It’s a pleasure to have this camera to look for something similar to “Where is this part made by company?”

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