【VERY RARE NEAR MINT+++】RICOH FF-9SD 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera from JP 1066

Ricoh FF-9SD https://www.ebay.com/itm/153005391428 #productsjapan #nowonsale #ricoh #pointandshoot #camera

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Looking at the FF – 9s which was good in the market evaluation, it seems that the light does not enter between the lens and the film room, but the other mechanisms noticed that the light rays do not leak even without the outer cover.
When the front cover of the camera was made transparent, a camera with a mechanism was visible. When making 2000 pieces with limited production it was sold out on the release date.
It is the first time in the world for cameras that have a transparent cover and can shoot.

The lens is 35 mm / F 3.5 close-up shooting is not good with about 1 m.
The tint is a fussy taste of toy camera style,
Sharp depiction, three-dimensional feeling, no distortion is expected.
This price is a compact camera that looks cool and makes it look cool.
It is a precious one of limited production of 2000 pieces. Why do not you get it?

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