【EXC+++】Konica Autoreflex T3 W/ Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7,Leather Case from JP 1049

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Although it is Konica Autoreflex T3, the origin is KONICA AUTOLEX, the world’s first shutter speed priority AE machine released in 1965.

The penta engraved with KONOCA forms a triangular shape with edge and it is very beautiful in terms of the design of the SLR.

Although it is size and weight, this time is the Olympus OM – 1 shock, despite its trend in size and weight reduction, it is a large and very heavy camera.
Top cover, apron part, die-cast body, etc. Each part making up feels very accurate and reliable processing of the edge.
It is a so-called “mass production machine but a very carefully made feeling”.

You can see the height of quality.
It is convincing because it is the highest class camera of Konica single lens at the time.

The stroke of the shutter button is the same as the Copal Square machine of other companies, and the stroke is moderate feeling that the stroke is not too deep or too shallow.

On the periphery of the shutter button, a lock switch which also serves as the shutter lock and the on / off of the exposure meter is provided and makes you feel a detailed attention.
It’s a hoisting lever, but with a resin finger pad, the winding stroke is close to 180 degrees including the spare angle.
When rolled up with your thumb, you will roll up while feeling a light torque feeling with fingers felt by the crunchy Copal Square machine.

The shutter speed dial is designed to make it reminiscent of the crown of beer, but when you look closely it is very stiff and it has a distinction from those of other companies’ knurling.

The accessory shoe is an old-fashioned type to fasten together with an eyepiece.
Even at that time in 1973, Minolta and Asahi Pentax series, etc. were partly drawn to the old generation considering that the accessory shoe was built in the penta standard as standard.

The rewind crank part is engraved with this model name T3.
The design of the rewind crank is a very plain feeling and it is different from the atmosphere of the shutter speed dial.

Mount is AR mount.
The official name is bayonet type Konica mount 2 type diameter 47 mm flange back 40.5 mm.

It is easy to use sold by KONICA, which is good at popular aircraft, with few failures.

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