【EXC+++】PENTAX 6×7 SMC MACRO TAKUMAR 135mm f/4 Mirror UP TTL from Japan 1077

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PENTAX 6×7 is called “BAKEPEN” in Japan.
The meaning is a coined word that combines “BAKE” of “OBAKE” of Japanese meaning monster and “PEN” of PENTAX.

Why is it called “Monster”?
That’s because it’s so big.

Take this camera and lens and go out and get a lot of tired.
It’s as though it goes to the gym.
In other words, it is good for your health.

This product also comes with a TTL finder.
Although it is heavy accordingly, it can be used comfortably so that its weight is not bothersome.
After using the TTL finder, you can not imagine the situation without the TTL finder.

There is also a mirror up function.
It can be used comfortably even when the vibration of the mirror is unpleasant.

Please use this camera a lot of healthy elements and comfortable equipment!

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