【NEAR MINT+++】Olympus XA & A11 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera W/ Case from JP 1083

Olympus XA is a very small camera.
So, the flash is not on.
Because it is such a form, it seems like a point&shoot camera, and some may think that it is autofocus.
However, this camera is a rangefinder.
People who do not know will be surprised.

When using the flash, attach a flash called A11.
At present, it runs properly. Good condition A11 has become less.
A11 of this product moves properly. very good.

Of course, film hoisting is also necessary.
It is not a point&shoot camera.
If you do not know this part, it will be surprised again.

From the beginning, this product is a set of XA and A11.
Therefore, this products cases that can be put together.

Please take a picture of your scenery with a handy size rangefinder.

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