【EXC+++++】Olympus ECRU 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera Limited Item from JP 1088

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It is an Olympus film compact camera produced in 1991, the world limited production of 20000 units. Body color is white, we think that it is a fashionable camera with a unique design. The lens is 35 mm f/3.5 and uses only AAA battery x 2 batteries, the size is 1106 mm wide X height 91 mm X depth 40 mm, weight 215 g.

Also, because the design is good, it became a boom in Japan.

As Olympus is the second camera following “O Product”, a camera that fits the design,
It is a modern design that is opposite to Minolta’s “Prod 20’s” classic design.

The design is also nice, but the ability to take pictures is also amazing.

Please keep a nice camera as your interior and as a camera, at hand.

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