【MINT IN BOX】BANDAI Power Rangers Ressha Sentai ToQger DX Hyper Train TEIOH 1104

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Hyper Train Teioh will transform from the train to Robo or Station.
In addition, it will merge into a super-large robot, Tokkyu Rainbow.

Deformation, coalescence is the real thrill of Japanese toys.

Hyper Train Teioh’s train mode is a large locomotive.
The decoration of gold and black is quite heavy.

In the upper part, you will get the original HyperTrain.
This state is not fixed. Attention is necessary when playing.
Also, HyperTrain can play alone.

Raise the Hyper Train Body vertically and attach it to the head with HyperTrain as a head to complete the robot mode.
It is a simple deformation.

Mask design is like western armor and it is cool.

Since the arms can move, finger cannons in the play can be reproduced.

By deploying the main body, it transforms into Hyper Train station as Hyper Train Terminal.

This product is only Hyper Train Teioh.
Please note that when deforming to Tokkyu Rainbow, other goods are necessary.

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