【MINT IN BOX】Nikon AF 600 Panorama 35mm Film Point & Shoot Camera from JP 1081

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Nikon AF600 is a famous film compact camera even by the name Nikonmini.

All buttons are rubber plastic cameras.
But it is not cheaply, it’s a wonderful design.

Also, the lens is also wonderful as written: “Nikon Lens 28 mm 1: 3.5 Macro” under the lens.

This camera is very small and light.
So, putting it in a bag, it is fun to take snaps easily.
Since there is a panorama function, various pictures can be taken.
This is also fun.

In addition, this product has a box and a manual.
It might be like thinking that you got time slipping and got a new item.

Let’s go out to take a snap!

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