【EXC+++++】Bronica ETR si ZENZANON MC 105mm f/3.5 AE Finder II from Japan 1056

Bronica ETR si https://www.ebay.com/itm/153018255735 #zenzabronica #bronica #midiumformat #camera #cool

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Zenza Bronica ETR si arrived.

This Zenza Bronica ETR si comes with a grip and an AE viewfinder.
In other words, even if you do not buy anything more, you can enjoy it enough.

There is another factor necessary for enjoyment.
That it will not break.
We checked and fixed all bad parts of mechanical.

Even after it arrives at your hands, you can use it for a long time.

Please imagine where you have it in your hand.
It is old, it is heavy, these are you would feel so fun.

Also, since the strap is attached, it is more convenient than having it as it is.
It will be comfortable to carry around.

With this lovely camera, what do you take?
Please show us if you can take a nice photo.

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