【EXC+++++】Yashica Kyocera Samurai X3.0 35mm Half Frame Film Camera from JP 1105

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It is very popular Kyocera SAMURAI X 3.0.

Always sold out as soon as arrival.
That is the name SAMURAI is cool. In other words, it is a name expressing the soul of the Japanese.
And because the function is condensing as if it represents that soul.

It is a very attractive camera.
The movement of the lens is perfect.
Of course, there are no problems with basic functions such as flash and timer.

At the time of sale, Ryuichi Sakamoto, famous worldwide, appeared in this CM of SAMURAI.
It seems who he is talking about the fusion of sensitivity and function.

Why do not you have SAMURAI, a half-film camera that you can use more and more, more and more fun?

When you got it, you are also SAMURAI.

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