【NEAR MINT】Nikon ED* Nikkor 400mm f/3.5 AI-S AIS W/ Filters,Caps,Strap #1100

Nikon Nikkor 400mm f3.5 AIS ED IF https://www.ebay.com/itm/153020074272 #productsjapan #nowonsale #nikon #nikkor #lens

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Nikon ED * Nikkor 400 mm f / 3.5 AI-S has arrived!
We express my first impression in one word.

Large. And it is heavy.

This lens is what heavy!
You might think so if you get this lens.
But, at the moment of taking a picture, the idea will disappear somewhere.

Because it is drawn into photographs taken with this product of super telephoto lens which is easy to focus on brightness f / 3.5.

What is important for people taking photos?

The weight of the lens?

The size of the lens?

What is important is that you can take nice photos.
From that day when I got this lens, you too …

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