【Appearance MINT】Canon EX EE 35mm Film SLR Camera Light Meter WORKS from JP 1091

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We thought when we saw this Canon EX EE for the first time.

How beautiful it is!

It is beautiful to the extent that it can not think that it is a product of nearly 50 years ago.
Before that beauty, we were watching this camera for a while.
We forgot our job, but we feel embarrassed it.

Also, the function is perfect as well as its appearance.
The shutter is also OK at full speed.
The viewfinder is also beautiful.
The light meter is moving properly.
Film room and film curtain are also beautiful.

Did we have a time slip?

No, it is not.

There is one disappointing point in that evidence.
Although it is slight, the lens is yellowing.
However, it seems to be even a nice taste.

If you had this camera in hand.

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