【NEAR MINT】Canon L1 Rangefinder Film Camera Body Leica Screw Mount from JP 1110

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Look at Canon L1, do not you feel something?

That’s right.
It is a very beautiful design.
We admire the design that is too beautiful.
That also should be expected

Canon L1 has won the Good Design Award.
That is also the first one.

When was the first one done?
It is 1957.

That is, this wonderful design was born over 60 years ago.
However, the design of this Canon L1 does not feel such old design.
It seems as if it had anticipated the future from that time.

We will tell you more amazing things.
It is an old product, but it does not matter with regard to function.

The viewfinder, the shutter, and the movement of the film chamber look like a brand new one.
Please take this camera and have fun.

Its design, its function.

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