【RARE EXC+++++】BANDAI Engine Sentai Go-onger Power Rangers Big Figure Red #1113

Do you know the name of this hero?
That’s right.
It is Engine Sentai Go-onger of the power Ranger series.

Figure skating of Engine Sentai Go-onger Red came over.

By the way, it writes Engine Sentai Go-onger as **** in the kanji.
The meaning is the group of God of the flame.

How about?
Is it cool?

Please have this product in your hand if you think that it is cool.
The size of the normal figure skating has many things of around 13cm, but the size of this product is big with 30cm in height.

In other words as for the power more than double!
Is it not great?

It may be never available when you miss this precious product in Japan.
(the product written as Banpresto has many things that are rare. That is Banpresto made many premiums.)

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