【Finder & Shutter OVERHAULED EXC +++++】Fujifilm Super Fujica 6 Six from JP 1031

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He came home!
He came home from repair!

He is Super fujica six to have come back.

When we inspected it, we confirmed malfunction to a low-speed shutter and asked a service representative for repair.
The repair of an old camera must make a part newly and takes time in various ways.
As for the joy when we came all the more home from repair, there is the thing which is not done for words.

By the way, the finder cleaned together when we repaired a shutter.
So that the finish is totally new one.

Shutter which is the important element of the camera and finder, they are totally new one.
If you go to the town with this camera, you are selected to take its ease, and to be.

And what do you take a film of?
Is it cityscape?
Is it a puppy and a small bird?
Or is it the smile of an important person?

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