【EXC+++++】Contax TVS 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera W/ Cap & Strap from JP 1134

Contax TVS https://www.ebay.com/itm/153026672481 #productsjapan #nowonsale #contax #pointandshoot #camera

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Contax TVS is a very nice camera.
This camera is Point & Shoot camera, However, this Point & Shoot camera is using the Carl Zeiss lens.
Carl Zeiss lens is to say that it is a high-end lens and that this lens is used by the high-end camera that takes photos are better.


Very good!

We think that this item of great attention will soon be sold out.

What does that mean?

it’s simple.
That is this wonderful camera will be at your hand.

Let’s go with this camera on weekends!
To the sea, to the mountains, to the plateau.
No matter where you go, Carl Zeiss lenses will express all the scenery like paintings!

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