【EXC++++】Mamiya RB67 Pro S Sekor C 90mm f/3.8 W/ Lens Filter,Hood from JP 1175

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

We like the world seen from the waist level finder.
We like that world that expresses the depth of the world vividly.
We like the pale world reflected on the focusing screen.

We would like you to feel the world as well.

This time Mamiya RB 67 ProS to introduce is not attached to the AE viewfinder.
The AE finder is certainly useful.
However, its color is not pale.

That unique color of pale.
If you think that you can enjoy that, you may not mind if you do not have an AE viewfinder.

Balsam breakage occurs in the middle lens, but it will also profoundness.
Because this camera is not a camera that captures the clear world like the latest digital camera, it is a friend who burns the pale world to film.

While walking with friends, you may want to say “Why do not you go on a diet?”, But such a fat friend is reliable and cute as well.

You too, be a friend of this Mamiya RB 67 ProS.

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