【NEAR MINT++】Konica Big Mini BM-301 Black Point & Shoot Film Camera from JP 1197

A black, cool – looking camera arrived.
When we had had this camera for the first time, we sighed about that thoughtful design.
That camera is Konica Big Mini BM – 301.

There are several kinds of Konica Big Mini series, but we love the design of this Konica Big Mini BM – 301.
A simple design will make it feel.

Also, the beauty of the camera optics is as good as the beauty of the camera body.

Looking into the viewfinder, a very wonderful sight is spreading beyond that.
You may be caught by such illusion that you are watching a masterpiece of picture.

How is it?
Do you think about this camera?

Konica Lens 35mm f / 3.5 is also very beautiful.
What is the world that this lens cuts out?

We will surely take a picture of our lover’s smile.
If we have a lover.

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