【EXC++++】Olympus μ MJU Zoom 105 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera from Japan 1196

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Practice is necessary for everything.
Football, painting, music, practice is important in for beginners.

Do you use high-end items suddenly at the time of such practice?
You do not use it, do you?

It is the same with the camera too.
Beginning with a cheap camera, we think that it is good to buy it a high camera while practicing repeatedly.
A recommended camera has arrived for those who are planning to start such a camera.

It is Olympus μ MJU Zoom 105.
The golden body is so nice, beautiful.

Although it is slight, there are scratches on the body and there are places where it is difficult to see the liquid crystal, but the price is made cheaper accordingly.
Can use it more and more. That’s such a price.

Shock is heavy if you drop a high camera, but this camera should not bother you much.
(It is also light, that is hard to get scratched)

Hold this camera and start taking pictures.

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