Minolta Autocord TLR Film Camera W/ Rokkor 75mm f/3.5 【For Parts】from Japan 1198

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

Do you know Minolta Autocord?
It is a very good TLR.

That Minolta Autocord arrived.
Even so, this Minolta Autocord has some problems.

Because each part is broken, it is sold as “for parts”.
However, the price is quite cheap.
We recommend that there is such a thing that you get this Minolta Autocord and repair it.

Regarding the camera, the most important part is the lens, but this camera is keeping good condition for that lens.
Considering the age, it looks like a brand new.
(It may be you may feel joking, but it is really beautiful.)

Although mechanical parts can repair, it is not a thing to say that lens fogs can repair.
That is this camera condition is so reasonable.
If so, we think that it is a bargain.

Please make Minolta Autocord your camera.

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