【EXC+++】Nikon F Photomic Initial Type 35mm Film Camera Body Only from Japan 817

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Nikon F has various kinds of viewfinders.

First of all, Nikon F Eyelevel.
This Eyelevel finder does not have an exposure meter.
It is the simplest Nikon F.

Next is Nikon F Photomic T and Tn.
It has an exposure meter in this viewfinder.
However, T and Tn are similar in design, so it is difficult to distinguish them.

Nikon F Photomic FTn is an evolution version of T and Tn.
This is the final form of Nikon F Photomic.

And it arrived at our place … It is the early Nikon F Photomic.
This type is old, and it is hard to get on the market.

It arrived this time is the initial type as noted above.
In other words, it is very old.
Therefore, unfortunately, the exposure meter does not work.

Because other functions are relatively good, I think that it is a product that I can recommend to the collector who collects various Nikon F Photomic.

How about the person who is looking for this product?

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