【EXC+++】Konica C35 AF Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera W/ Cap from Japan 1204

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Do you start worrying about what kind of things are good for starting a camera, do not you?
It is SLR that most people yearn for. Especially SLR of Canon and Nikon is popular.
Also, the rangefinder etc is also reasonable in size, and we know the person who is going to start from there.
In other words, in many cases, you would like to start with a 35 mm film camera.
(Some people start with TLR and medium-format cameras, but we think that it is really rare)

And if you are a 35 mm film camera, you can not forget the point & shoot camera.
A point & shoot camera that can easily be started with the color of the film intact.
The item that arrived this time is Konica C35 AF which is such a point & shoot camera.

You can obtain it by hand, but its size should fit in the palm of your hand.
It fits perfectly just as if you think you were in the palm all the time.
It is also a perfect companion for going out.

Unfortunately, there are some troubles often found in old cameras, such as fungus is slightly in middle element and light meters do not move, but it is fun to say that it is only a cheap camera that you can disassemble and fix it.
(If you would disassemble the camera beyond $ 1000 and you can not fix it … it will not stop trembling if you think about it)

Get Konica C35 AF and take pictures, disassemble and have fun!

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