【NEAR MINT】Mamiya RZ67 PRO W/ SEKOR Z 90mm f/3.5,AE Prism Finder and More 1202

What kind of things did you receive that your childhood birthday gift?
Have you got a robot toy to coalesce?

If you have the experience of having a robot toy, we think that it resembles that feeling.
The items we will introduce this time are so many, many items are clogged up.

First, there is Mamiya RZ67 PRO.
As you all know, it will be the body of a medium format camera.
Of course the film bag is also with it.
And there is a body lens is necessary.
This set comes with Mamiya SEKOR Z 90 mm f / 3.5.
As it becomes a standard lens, shooting is not a problem if there are two of them.

However, there is no meaning it, we said as a set.

First of all, AE finder which can catch subject comfortably is attached.
There is some prisms corrosion, but there is no problem for normal use.

Also, medium format camera is heavy.
Especially it is heavy when wearing an AE viewfinder.
So, it has a comfortable strap for carrying.

AE viewfinder case, Polaroid film back, lens hood and body cap, spare focusing screen, lens filter, manual.
These items are set up.

What if we purchase these separately?
It will be a tremendous amount of money.

But, if now …
By all means, please visit the product page.

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