【NEAR MINT+++】Nikon F5 W/ DW-30 DW 30 Waist Level Finder,Body Cap from JP 1220

Nikon F5 + DW-30 https://www.ebay.com/itm/153061675844 #productsjapan #nowonsale #nikon #slr #camera #waistlevelfinder

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Do you know Nikon DW – 30?
Although we had not seen much, it is a waist level finder used for Nikon F5.
Currently, if the condition is good, it will be around $ 250.
This is almost the same as the price at the time of sale.

In other words, we think that it is a valuable item.

The precious Nikon DW – 30 arrived this time.
That is not only DW – 30 but also Nikon’s high-performance machine F5 and then it became a set product.

Do you know the price of F5’s body?
After all, it is expensive as it is.
But this set is set very reasonably compared with when purchasing individually.

It is even more!

It might be said that its appearance is as good as new.
It may be said that the function is the same as new.
We can not believe that this set price is too cheaper than another set.

Shooting using the waist level finder has a very good view.
Why do not you taste that pleasure?

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