【RARE NEAR MINT】TOYOTA Panorama 35mm Film Camera For Collection from Japan 1223

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

Do you know TOYOTA as the automaker?
And do you know that TOYOTA was making a camera?
Even though it is a camera for a prize.

Although we did not understand even if we investigated the details, it seems to be a camera distributed as a prize at a TOYOTA dealer.
The function is very simple as it is a camera as a prize.

As it is written in the main body of the camera, it is a camera that can shoot only panoramic photos.
There is also no function to adjust the focus.
Charge the film, look into the viewfinder and press the shutter button.
There is only this simple function.

However, there is no doubt that it is a very valuable item.

Considering the function as a camera, we think that it is unsatisfactory for people who have a camera as a hobby.
We like automobiles and can recommend it to those who are collecting TOYOTA related goods.

Perhaps if you miss this opportunity add a TOYOTA premium camera that will never get available to your collection.

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