【EXC+++++】Canon EOS 7s 35mm SLR Film Camera Body W/ Pro Strap from Japan 1217

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Suddenly, you found a signboard while walking in the town.
If the number written on the signboard is seven, what do you think?
Remembering Lucky 7, you might think “I am lucky today.”

A camera with 7 that makes you feel lucky arrived.
It is Canon EOS 7S.
It becomes the successor of Canon EOS 7.

To say that successor is to say that various improvements are done.
That means you can use it better.

For example, at one shot AF, we achieved the fastest AF speed at the time of release.
That is to say that you can take a picture of that moment as soon as you thought “This is it!”
It’s amazing!

By applying black alumite treatment and “Ultra-Mat Coating” to the metallic exterior, a more relaxed feeling of luxury has been produced.
This appearance gives a sense of euphoria when you have it in your hand.

In addition, it achieves the same dynamic prediction capability as the highest class “EOS – 1 V”.
Only even thinking about this will be the reason why you have to get it.

The price is also relatively inexpensive.
If you are concerned, please first look at the item details.

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