【EXC++++】Pentax 6X7 6×7 Eyelevel Finder Medium Format Body Only from Japan 1247

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When we use smartphones and we have something to think.
That is to say that there is a function that we do not use.
How about you?

We think that the camera is the same too.
We read the manuals of various cameras, but we often think that “We may not use this function”.
For example, a battery check lamp.
Even if you know with the battery check lamp that you know that the batteries are gone, you do not have any meaning unless you have a spare battery.

In other words, if you have a spare battery, you do not mind even if the battery check lamp does not turn on.

If we talk so far, there are many people who know what we want to say.

Unfortunately, the Pentax 6X 7 which we arrived this time does not have the battery check lamp on.
However, as we explained earlier, we think that there is no problem.

Looking at the exterior, some pain and fungus can be seen, but functional aspects such as shutter are comfortable.
For those who value practicality and price, please buy this reasonable Pentax 6X7.

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