【F/S RARE! EXC+++++】Linhof Lens Board Adapter for Horseman from Japan 1254

Very valuable goods arrived.

There are many lens adapters that can be combined from the Pentax to Sony and Minolta to Canon SLR cameras and other manufacturers.

But how about this being a large format camera?
To be honest, we did not expect that we will have a lens board adapter in our place.
That’s why we can not express the pleasure of having this item in hand.

Adapter to convert Linhof Lens Board to Horseman Lens Board size arrived.
What do you think?

Regarding the Linhof Lens Board side, since there was originally a TOYO – VIEW Lens Board, there is no problem with desorption.
Unfortunately, because there is no mention of the name of the manufacturer, there is no information more than what I actually tried, but since it is a valuable item, please consider.

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