【RARE NEAR MINT】Olympus C-AF Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera W/ Case,Strap 1249

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

A rare camera has arrived.
It is a camera we do not really see much.
That camera’s name is Olympus C-AF.

The condition is very good and comes with even the original case.
Surprisingly you can read the case OLYMPUS letters clearly.
From this also you can see how good the condition is.

The lens is D. ZUIKO 38 mm f / 2.8.
I think that you can think that it is almost the same as the lens of a general Point & Shoot camera.
In other words, we do not need any special technique.
It is easy to take what you like.

It will be summer vacation soon.
To say that Olympus C – AF works in well.
As we mentioned earlier, this camera is a rare camera.
Often you will be asked, “What is that camera?” At the destination.
And that may be the beginning of summer love.

We’d recommend this camera to you who wants to start love.

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