【NEAR MINT】Schneider Xenar 150mm f/5.6 COPAL-N 0.0 W/ Case,Caps from Japan 1242

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A lens of a large format camera has arrived.
It is Schneider Xenar 150 mm f / 5.6.

Recently, a lot of large format camera lenses are in stock.
Many lenses do not have a lens cap in many of them.
The reason is the generation old, and management is not good, if it is used goods, there is no help for it.
However, this time Schneider Xenar 150 mm f / 5.6 is different.

The lens cap is attached to both the front and rear.
And it is not just a lens cap.
How, the case is on!

Because there is relatively rare it, you should purchase the thing having a lens with a case at the moment when you thought that you want it.
From such a reason, we wait for your purchase.

If you think “What is the state of function and optical?”, Please immediately go to the page of product details!

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