【RARE NEAR MINT F/S】Zenza Bronica Zenzanon S 40mm f/4 for SQ-A SQ-AI 1244

A precious lens that does not readily arrive finally arrived.
It is Zenza Bronica Zenzanon S 40 mm f / 4.

This is a lens to use for precious Zenza Bronica SQ-A and Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai as well.

In terms of beautiful lenses, we often compare it to a gem.
We have beauty without the mistake even if we compare this lens to a jewel.
Fungus, fog etc. are often found considering the manufacturing age.
However, Zenza Bronica Zenzanon S 40 mm f / 4 does not feel even dust.

It can be said that it is just the beauty of a gem.

Also, we confirmed the movements of the helicoid, but there is no particular problem.

It is a good condition with no problems in both optical and motion.
Since the original front and rear lens caps are also attached, it is good to try the collection.

Please consider it.

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