【RARE EXC+++++】TOPCON Tokyo Kogaku Topcor P.W PW 65mm f/5.6 Horseman Japan 1243

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We like timers very much with the camera feature.
Even if you set a timer for the current camera, you will not hear a comfortable sound.
However, the old lenses can hear the very good sound of the spring.
And the sound when the shutter is off.
This sound completes a series of work, that is it seems as if it represents the completion of the music of the orchestra.

Almost the shutter of the large format lens has few timers attached.
However, the shutter of Tokyo Kogaku Topcor P.W 65 mm f / 5.6 introduced this time has a timer.
The shutter is SEIKOSHA – SLV.
Because of this shutter, we can listen to a wonderful orchestra.

The company name on the lens is Tokyo Kogaku and As it is, because, the meaning it that this lens becomes a very old lens.
The current name of Tokyo Kogaku is TOPCON.
Therefore, you can feel the oldness of the year.
However, you are still able to use it with active service.

We are hoping that you also want to hear the comfortable music.

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