【EXC+++++】Mamiya M645 1000S W/ SEKOR C 80mm f/2.8 N,AE and Waist Finder 1268

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This product is more enjoyable when it can read Japanese.
Because it is a camera that comes with a Japanese manual.

The Mamiya M645 1000 S with the manual of the Mamiya M645 1000 S and the AE finder arrived.
In addition to the manual, we also have a waist level finder.
It is fun to replace the viewfinder so that women change their jewelry depend on that time.

And, as we mentioned earlier, if you can read Japanese, it will be more fun.
There are many functions which the old camera does not know.
It is fun to understand it.
We think that anyone can understand this if it is a person who uses a camera as a hobby.

However, Japanese is difficult.
You can just watch a lot of diagrams for you.
Also, now you can understand the approximate content with the application of the smartphone.

So, if you want to enjoy all the Mamiya M645 1000 S, please get this camera by all means.

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