【RARE MINT】BANDAI Mazinger Z 27cm Soft Vinyl figure Off-Specification Item 1277

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

A legendary hero of Japan came.
There are many kinds of robots in Japanese animation.
Among them, it is a robot, Mazinger Z’s figure which can be said to be the former ancestor.

The size is 27 cm.
It is the size of great power.

And this item has different points from ordinary items.
That means that this product is not a product to be distributed.
We understand when you see the page of the product details, but it has become a country name where the stamp on the back of the foot does not exist.
We think that it is probably CHINA, but it is usually not to circulate products with such mistakes.
It seems that it has been distributed by some mistake.
In other words, it becomes a very valuable commodity.

Because it is made in 1998, it is a considerably smart form to figures at the time of broadcasting.
That is to say that it is perfect as an interior.
Please imagine.
That this Mazinger Z figure is placed among the many figures displayed in your room.

Among many figures, this Mazinger Z figure should be shining.

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