【F/S UNUSED】Popy BANDAI Kamen Masked Rider V3 Soft Vinyl Figure from Japan 1282

Do you know Japanese heroes?
For example, Ultraman.
It is the existence of the children who are currently being broadcast too.

And this time the Kamen Rider is their yearning for children.
Kamen Rider is also currently being broadcast, but this time the product will be a figure of Kamen Rider V3, the third person Kamen Rider, over 40 years ago.

And, unbelievably, it will be unopened goods, despite the goods over 40 years ago.
In other words, it is best for collecting items.

By the way, although the maker of this product will be Popy, this manufacturer will be a related company of BANDAI, a famous toy maker.
At that time, it was Popy, not BANDAI, that sold such toys such as heroes.
It will be a company that is not right now, but it is fun to talk to each other about the knowledge that you said.

In Japan, the new Kamen Rider season will begin soon.
It is rumored that this time Kamen Rider will become a Kamen Rider of the big event.
Because it is such a time, it is fun to celebrate this event by buying the old Kamen Rider.

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