【F/S MINT IN BOX】BANDAI Power Rangers Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger DX Kyoryujin 1273

We love superheroes.
Overseas the hero series famous as Power Rangers is called Super Sentai in Japan.

Currently more than 40 works have been created, but this product will be Kyoryujin which is the robot of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger which is the 37th work among them.
This kind of Kyoryujin combines three kinds of dinosaur robots, it becomes Kyoryujin.
Even just that is enough fun.

However, there are other things to enjoy.
You can set batteries similar to Zuudenchi to each dinosaur robot.
Also, music flows according to the type of Zuudenchi.

Music will also flow when you coalesce.
That music is also like Samba, it is very fun music.
It gives peace of mind to the robot heading for battle.

There are other kinds in this Kyoryujin.
If you think you want other types, how about contacting the seller?
We are sure you will get a nice reply.

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