【F/S NEAR MINT+++++】Mamiya G 50mm f/4 L W/ Caps for New Mamiya 6 from Japan 1285

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Do you like Mamiya’s camera?
We like cameras of Mamiya very much.
Personally, we like the M645 the most, but we also like other cameras.
For example, Mamiya 6.

There are two kinds of cameras called Mamiya 6.

It is a spring camera sold between 1940 and 1958.
There are many kinds and if you are a collector you would like to collect all kinds.

And another Mamiya 6 is a medium-format camera called New Mamiya 6 released in 1989.
There are several lenses in this New Mamiya 6.

This time we will introduce one of three kinds of New Mamiya 6 lenses.
It is Mamiya G 50 mm f / 4 L.

Since the sale of the main unit is 1989, it will be about 30 years ago.
However, it is as beautiful as if you forgot the passage of years.
It can be said that it is a miracle to say that such a beautiful lens remains until now.

This really beautiful lens.
Although it is a wide-angle lens, it is the same as the shortest shooting distance 1 m and the standard lens 75 mm.
That is, depending on the idea, the world that can be shot with this lens is infinite.
You who were interested.
Please look at the product details by all means.

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