【F/S OVERHAULED EXC++++】Pentax 6×7 Eyelevel Finder Medium Format Body Only 1291

A very popular item arrived.
It is Pentax 6×7 Eyelevel Finder Medium Format Camera Body.
Cameras have popular cameras, unpopular cameras, but this Pentax 6×7 Eyelevel Finder Medium Format Camera Body is always very popular.

We always think.
W think people who use this camera on a daily basis are very healthy people.
Now, if you take a picture with the iPhone, the iPhone weighs less than 200 g.
However, this camera is nearly 2 kg even Body alone.
In other words, it is equivalent to 10 iPhones.
If you attach a lens to it, depending on the lens type, the weight will be doubled.
That’s 20 iPhones.

Now, the season of Japan is summer.
Temperatures sometimes exceed 40 degrees.
Please think.
In such a hot weather, the person who can shoot with a camera weighing 4 Kg is not unhealthy.
We sure they became obsessed with photography and they were getting healthy step by step.

You can take a very beautiful picture and get healthy.
The place that is such a killing two birds with one stone may be a reason of the extreme popularity.

As an aside, the iPhone has stopped working due to this heat.
However, this camera was fine.
This camera is also healthy.

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