【F/S MINT】2018 SUZUKI JIMNY SIERRA (SAMURAI) Japanese Catalogue,VR Goggle 1294

Suzuki Samurai made a model change this year.
It is an offroad car that has fans around the world.

This time we will introduce the catalog of Suzuki Samurai.
Because Suzuki Samurai is called Jimny in Japan, it is described as Jimny in the catalog.

Currently in Japan this Jimny is very popular.
It is said that it will take more than a year to be delivered.
Therefore, this catalog may not be stocked depending on the store, neither can you receive it.
It is a pretty valuable item.

In addition, the catalog of Sierra is also shown together.
This Sierra may be famous overseas.
Because Suzuki Samurai in general is a unique engine limit standard (The engine size is only 660cc) in Japan, it is a special category in various countries around the world.

We also have VR goggles, a privilege for customers who test-ridden.
It is a catalog which can not be obtained overseas.
Please get it.

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