【UNUSED】BANDAI BANPRESTO Ultraman Kaiju Booska 35mm Film Camera from Japan 1298

Banpresto Kaiju Booska Film Camera https://www.ebay.com/itm/153110987651 #productsjapan #nowonsale #camera #kaiju #booska

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A very pretty camera arrived.

Do you know Ultraman who is a hero of Japan?
It is a camera of Kaiju Booska which is the monster of that Ultraman.

Its appearance is not very camera.
But it is a camera.
This camera is no for sale item in Japan, only prize. Therefore, the number that is generally distributed is very small.
And although it opened for shooting this time, it is an unused item.

When Kaiju Booska moves right or left the side, a lens will appear and shoot. At that time, if you change the direction to lay Kaiju Booska, the sepia color filter covers the lens and you can take sepia color photos.
It is a fun function.

It is a camera that you can recommend not only for people who like cameras but also for Ultraman fans.
Please add to your collection.

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