【F/S RARE EXC+++++】Minolta AUTOCORD CDS Finder Light Meter Works from JP 1317

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Many TLR cameras do not have an exposure meter.
It does not exist in Rolleiflex which we are using.
As of now, there is nothing troubling with it, but there are times when I think that it is useful if there is an exposure meter.
(Although we can take funny pictures because there is no exposure meter, we call such photos a high artistic picture)

However, the TLR camera introduced this time has an exposure meter.

It is Minolta AUTOCORD. This product with CDS finder made by Mamiya is valuable commodity which is not seen even in Japan.

Also, although there are many things that the exposure meter does not work from the oldness of its manufacturing age, it works as long as it inspects it.
This is surprising.

What this means is that you can not take photos that are overflowing with artistic nature like we take.
very nice.
(It does not mean that the photograph full of artistic skill is bad)

Probably, if you miss this opportunity, I think that the same product will not come out for a while.
The encounter with a lovely person you met in the city is over if you miss that time.
We do not want you to do so.

Please make this encounter a wonderful thing.

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