【F/S EXC+++】 Mamiya RB67 Pro S W/ Sekor NB 127mm f3.8,Prism Finder from JP 1314

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When shooting with Mamiya RB 67, we think that there are many people using the Waist Level finder.
Since it is a basic finder, we think it is natural.
However, there are also times when you are dissatisfied with keeping using the Waist Level finder.

For example, an exposure meter.(light meter)
Many people now measure exposure using smartphones. However, if you look through the viewfinder and know the approximate exposure, we think it is convenient.
(Since it is an old camera, precision is not correct well, but it is still useful if it is still works)

This time, Mamiya RB 67 with Prism Finder arrived.

Mamiya RB 67 is rare when its condition is great. There is a problem somewhere, but, we feel that there are many such cameras that will become inclued to it.
This camera also has some problems.

For details, we would like to you see the product introduction page, but for example, fungus can be found on the lens.
However, it works well for the exposure meter.
Whether this is considered good or bad is up to you.

We are sure you think it’s good.
Now, please look at the product introduction page.

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