【F/S NEAR MINT IN BOX】smc PENTAX 67 200mm f/4 W/ Manual,Case,Hood from JP 1320

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After purchasing products, do not you feel excited about the moment you are opening the box?
For example, when purchasing a Nikon camera or lens.
The moment of opening that golden box, there is a sense of excitement that can not be said at all.

Then, what do you imagine if you have a silver box?
That’s right.
It is a box of Pentax.

This time, the lens of Pentax which was in the box of the silver arrived.
It is smc PENTAX 67 200 mm f / 4.

This lens for PENTAX 67 will be of a certain weight even if it is not in the box.
When it comes into the box, the weight exceeded 1 kg.
It is a surprise.
Besides boxes, lens cases, hoods, front and rear caps, lens filters, case straps, and manuals are included as well.

If it has this fulfilling accessory it convinced that it exceeds 1 kg.

This fulfilling set is on sale at the price including postage.
Please check it.

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