【F/S RARE OPTICS MINT】Ricoh Olympic Four & UKAS Anastigmat 50mm f/4.5 Japan 1324

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productsjapan.jpさん(@productsjapan.jp)がシェアした投稿 –

We often deal with rare cameras.
We do not intentionally do that, but we feel that we are coming to visit from the unusual camera.
It seems that our atmosphere attracts unusual cameras.

We will also introduce such an unusual camera this time.
It is Ricoh Olympic Four.

Until we got this camera, we did not know the existence of this camera.
Examining this camera was the one in 1938.
It is older than our parents and grandparents.
If it becomes, it may be natural that we do not know.

The film is supposed to use Best 127 film.
However, we have not seen this film in the shop recently.
Even from that point of view, we think that this camera is suitable for collection rather than practical.

We said that it was suitable for collection, but there was not the part to be worried about about movement when we inspected it.
So, if you shoot with an unusual camera, you are sure to gather the envy of the city at once.

To the collection, or shooting, how about Ricoh Olympic Four?

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