【F/S NEAR MINT+】Mamiya 645 AFD Body W/ Front and Rear Caps,Strap from Japan 1331

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When you heard Mamiya, what kind of camera do you remember?
We remember RB 67 and M 645.
Perhaps you will remember the camera around that too.
(We forgot that Mamiya 6 was also popular. We are selling with it, so please check it out)

This time we will introduce Mamiya’s camera.
However, it is not RB 67 or M 645 which we mentioned earlier. Of course, it is not Mamiya 6 either.
It becomes Mamiya 645 AFD.

People who remembered the design of the camera immediately after listening to the name of this camera think that really like Mamiya’s camera.
To be honest, we could not remember immediately.
(It may be because of age)

This time, we will introduce only the camera body, lenses and film bags are not attached.
Regarding that please purchase your favorite one separately.
Pleasure selecting your favorite things, please think that may be a nice news for you.

Since it is a truly beautiful camera, please look at the product detail page by all means.

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