【F/S TOP MINT+】Yashica Kyocera Samurai X3.0 W/ Case,Strap,Front Cap from JP 1342

Our very favorite camera has arrived in our store.
It is the camera of the most wonderful conditions that we have dealt with so far.
That camera is Kyocera Samurai X 3.0.

We have dealt with a lot of Kyocera Samurai X 3.0 so far that we do not know how much Kyocera Samurai X 3.0 was sold.
Among its numerous Kyocera Samurai X 3.0, the condition of this Kyocera Samurai X 3.0 is the best.

If a person who does not know the camera sees this Kyocera Samurai X 3.0, it is not supposed to be a camera 30 years ago.
They think that it is a camera about 1 year ago or 2 years ago even if it is old.
(However, since there is no liquid crystal screen of the digital camera, people who do not know many cameras may be confused)

Because it is such a superb condition, there is no place to become uneasy on the function side.
In addition to this Kyocera Samurai X 3.0, we deal with many Kyocera Samurai.
Please look at the product introduction page and store page by all means.

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