【F/S EXC+++++】Fuji Fujifilm Cardia Mini Tiara Zoom W/ Manual,Strap from JP 1347

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Fujifilm Cardia Mini Tiara Zoom has arrived.
It is a very cute point & shoot camera.
Although this camera is Zoom, it is a good camera that sells right away that is due to its cute design or good rumor.

This time, Fujifilm Cardia Mini Tiara Zoom that arrived has a slight scratch on the exterior, but there is no problem with respect to the function side.
It will make a good memory exactly what you want to shoot, the moment you want to shoot.

And the weight is as light as the iPhone, so when you go out, do not worry about weight.
In other words, you can use it anytime, anywhere you want to use it.

Please imagine that you can get such a camera.
There is no doubt that your enjoyable life will be more fun.

Please come and see the product introduction page, so you’ll feel so awesome.

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